National Emergency/ Disaster Management Authority: Sector for Emergency Management, Ministry of Interior
Main tasks (at national level):

  •  To protect lives and properties in the event of natural or man-made disasters
  •  To work in the field of emergency prevention and prompt first response in the event of emergencies (natural disasters - earthquakes, floods, storms, heavy rainfall, electric discharges, hailstorms, atmospheric disasters, drought, rock and snow avalanches, accumulations of ice on flowing water, landslides; man-made disasters - fires, explosions, severe damage, traffic accidents, accidents in mines and tunnels, severe damage and accidents that occur in electricity power plants, oil and gas power plants, and  facilities where radioactive substances are kept and used i.e. nuclear power  plants, and in telecommunication and information systems; hazards for human life and health and the environment due to the effects of hazardous materials, epidemics of contagious diseases, epidemics of contagious diseases for livestock, pests and other vegetable diseases, and similar large scale phenomena that can endanger human life and health  and the environment or that can cause extensive damage).
  •  In accordance with the Law on Emergency Situations, the Sector coordinates the activities of all state institutions involved in emergency and disaster management.

Head of Service: Mr.Predrag MARIC, Assistant Minister/ Head of Sector

Contact information

Address: Omladinskih brigada 31, 11000 Beograd
Phone: +381 11 2282 916; +381 11 2282 917
Fax: +381 11 2282 912