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Rescue and Protection Directorate of North Macedonia in their capacity of Chair in Office with DPPI SEE for 2024 hosted the 47 th DPPI SEE Regional meeting in Skopje on the 7th March 2024.MEETING ATTENDANCEParticipants: 23 registered participants representing all DPPI SEE member states and RCC, along with 4 participants competing in the election process for the new Head of Secretariat.Conclusions from the 47th DPPI SEE Regional meeting:

The 46.DPPI SEE Regional meeting was held in Podgorica on the 28 December in hybrid mode. During the meeting the Midterm review report on implementation of the Strategic Development Plan 2021-2025 was presented. During the last session of the agenda, the member states had the chance to discuss options for further developments of the Initiative. Organizing the new elections for the position Head of Secretariat and solving the legal status of the Secretariat are the short term priorities. On medium to long term priorities the statements from the member states were towards more effective training program, more projects and new funding opportunities for the benefit of all.

In cooperation with the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of Republic of Slovenia, DPPI SEE hosted the Critical Incident Stress Management workshop in Ljubljana. The workshop was held between 15-16 November with participation of all DPPI SEE member states. Experts in the field of psychology, social work and first responders had the opportunity to exchange of methods and practices used for psychological support to first responders after facing critical incidents at the work place. The Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of Republic of Slovenia use the opportunity to present its own system and how it evolved over the years. The other member states through the group works and the discussions also shared their national experiences, challenges and needs in that context.

The aim of this workshop was the exchange of experiences and practices between member countries of the DPPI SEE, which are, among other things, navigating through the procedures of  providing, transiting and receiving international aid during emergencies in 2023. The discussion, presentations and the exchange of information of all member countries regarding the organization of the entire process of managing the procedures for providing, transiting and receiving international aid during natural disasters in 2023 gave clear insight into their respective capacities and capabilities in times of crisis, as well as further possibilites for improvement. Where, on the unfortunate examples of catastrophes that struck Turkey and Slovenia, which were affected by a devastating earthquake and floods, we could see all the advantages and disadvantages during the provision, transit and reception of aid.