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Latest updates

Forest fires conference in Podgorica, Montenegro covered the topics of fire prevention and response. DPPI SEE member states used it to share their activities on both prevention and preparedness for response. Case studies of response operations were presented and examples of good practices were shared. On the second day of the conference a study visit to the fire station in Bar was conducted whihc enabled the participants to listen to the first line responders how they are organized and prepared for the upcoming fire season. This was a joint event hosted by the Protection and Rescue Directorate of Montenegro and Sector for Emergency Situations of Republic of Serbia.Presentations

The aim of the training was to promote ethical, inclusive, rights-based and people centered humanitarian response in urban contexts via the proper application of Sphere Standards. Total number of 15 participants from 8 DPPI SEE member states followed the training which is being implemented for the first time in a classroom format. The training audience was a mix between civil protection experts and the ones from the Red Cross societies. Some of the Sphere trainers that were produced last year also attended. This training was organized under the framework of the preparations for DPPI FLEX 2023 simulation exercise happening in October.

The 3rd event this year was the workshop on Building capacities to respond to large open space fires – the model of organizing and functioning of the air force, renting and purchasing aircrafts. It was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sector for Protection and Rescue and included 45 participants on site and 27 participants online. During the workshop the participants had the possibilities to listen how the host country is organized when aerial firefighting is concerned and also to hear about their utilization of various decision support systems such as NICS. Experts from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, N.Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia also had the chance to present their organizational structures and way of business.

The recently established DPPI SEE Working Group on Risk Assessments had its first online meeting on the 31 March 2023. The suggestion to have a permanent structure within DPPI SEE that will exchange on current activities, trends and challenges on risk assessment came up as an outcome of our workshop held in Belgrade last year. Acknowledging the importance of the risk assessments the 44.DPPI SEE Regional meeting approved the creation of the working group. During the meeting updates on national processes have been shared and the latest results from the sub-national Risk Inform Index for Albania, Montenegro, N. Macedonia and Romania were presented. The next meeting will be scheduled in the 2nd half of 2023.

On 30.03 we had a pleasure to host representatives from IOM Bosnia and Herzegovina and Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The meeting was used to share updates on current and planned activities in all 3 organization. Potential areas of collaboration in 2023 are seen in the context of the upcoming field exercise DPPI FLEX 2023 that will be organized in October. As part of the scenario for the exercise, camp management and camp coordination is envisaged and we are counting on the support from both IOM and Red Cross Society in designing a meaningful scenario.