National emergency management authority: Fire Safety and Civil Protection Chief Directorate, Ministry of Interior
According to Art. 52 g of the Law on the Ministry of Interior (last amendments in Official Gazette No 88 of 9 November 2010) „The Fire Safety and Civil Protection Chief Directorate is a national specialized structure of the MoI for ensuring fire safety, rescue and protection in case of disasters under the terms and provisions of this Law and the Disaster Protection Law”.
Main tasks:

  • Firefighting and rescue activities;
  • Emergency recovery activities, operational protection in case of floods and search and rescue operations;
  • CBRN protection in case of incidents and accidents with HAZMAT and dealing with ecological incidents;
  • State fire safety control;
  • Prevention activities and control;
  • Early-warning and alert of the state executive bodies and the population in case of disaster;
  • Protection of the population in case of “wartime” or “emergency situation” in compliance with the Geneva Conventions;
  • Assistance in the activities of the Interagency Commission for recovery and relief to the Council of Ministers;
  • Methodical and expert support for disaster protection to the territorial executive authorities;
  • Operational cooperation with the EU and NATO structures and other international organizations/initiatives in the field of fire safety and protection of the population, humanitarian aid and civil-military emergency planning.

Head of emergency management authority: Chief commissioner Nikolay Nikolov, Director

Contact information

Address: 171-A Pirotska str., 1309 Sofia
Phone: +3592 960 10 333; +3592 982 12 52
Fax: +3592 862 60 24