National Emergency/ Disaster Management Authority: National Protection and Rescue Directorate (DUZS)

  •  Conducts risk assessment of the occurrence of disaster and major accidents according to region, cause or subjects, therefore the responsible person of the threat assessment and protection and rescue plan of the local and regional self-government unit.
  •  Issues obligatory instructions for risk management to all participants in protection and rescue.
  •  Monitors and analyses the status in the area of protection and rescue and proposes measures to the Government of the Republic of Croatia for improving the status and guiding the development of the protection and rescue system.
  •  In the unified information system it collects, analyses and directs data about risks and consequences of disasters and major accidents.
  •  Keeps a unified information database on operational forces, resources and measures undertaken in the area of protection and rescue.
  •  Proposes a threat assessment and a Protection and Rescue Plan of the Republic of Croatia to the Government of the Republic of Croatia.
  •  Directly conducts the mobilisation of directorate services and units, and protection and rescue operational forces.
  •  Coordinates, manages and directly commands operational forces in disasters and major accidents.
  •  Directs and coordinates the activities of operational forces in the area of protection and rescue.
  •  Conducts activities in the notification and alerting of the population and coordinates the unified alarm system in the Republic of Croatia.
  •  Conducts inspections of operational forces.
  •  Passes programmes for training and further education, and trains and further educates participants in protection and rescue.
  •  Organises and conducts exercises of participants in protection and rescue for the purpose of checking their competency level.
  •  Proposes the type and quantity of state commodity reserves necessary for protection and rescue.
  •  Tests equipment and resources for protection and rescue, determines needs and submits proposals for the passing of Croatian standards in this area.
  •  Cooperates with economic and scientific institutions in the development of technology and equipment for protection and rescue.
  •  Cooperates with the competent authorities of other states and international organisations in protection and rescue.
  •  Conducts promotion and publishing activities in the area of protection and rescue.
  •  Also conducts other activities determined by the law.

Head of Service: Dr. Sc. Mr. Jadran PERINIC, Director

Contact information

Address: Address: Nehajska 5, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 3650 011; +385 1 3650 082
Fax: +385 1 3650 025