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HNS Lessons Learned Workshop, Serbia, 31 October - 02 November 2023

Submitted by igor.martinovic on 18, Jul 2023

The aim of this workshop was the exchange of experiences and practices between member countries of the DPPI SEE, which are, among other things, navigating through the procedures of  providing, transiting and receiving international aid during emergencies in 2023. The discussion, presentations and the exchange of information of all member countries regarding the organization of the entire process of managing the procedures for providing, transiting and receiving international aid during natural disasters in 2023 gave clear insight into their respective capacities and capabilities in times of crisis, as well as further possibilites for improvement. Where, on the unfortunate examples of catastrophes that struck Turkey and Slovenia, which were affected by a devastating earthquake and floods, we could see all the advantages and disadvantages during the provision, transit and reception of aid. The experiences that the participants shared with their colleagues through their presentations are of great importance for the further development of protection and rescue.

Colleagues attending the workshop that were present during the DPPI FLEX 2023 shared their insights of some of the objectives that were in focus during the exercise. The main topics that were discussed, touched upon the operational capacities and coordination between of teams coming from DPPI member states, as well as coordination of activities through the UCPM and ERCC. Through FLEX 2023, participants gained first hand experience regarding the logistics of following procedures and guidelines related to HNS, EUCPT and SPHERE.