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36st DPPI SEE regional meeting, Turkey, Ankara 4-5 April 2018

Submitted by igor.martinovic on 6, Apr 2018
The meeting was hosted by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey (AFAD) in its capacity of the DPPI SEE Chair-In- Office 2018 and is organized in close cooperation with the DPPI SEE Secretariat.   The 36st DPPI SEE regional meeting focused on identifying needs and priorities of the DPPI SEE member states in dealing with disaster preparedness and prevention related challenges. In addition to regular closed session reserved for DPPI SEE member states discussion on DPPI SEE institutional issues, the meeting as per usual practice, also serves as a forum for an exchange of information for the recent developments in the field of disaster management in the DPPI SEE member states and DPPI SEE partners engaged in addressing disaster preparedness, prevention and disaster risk reduction.   Image Gallery