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DPPI FLEX 2023, 3rd Planning Conference, Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina 19-20 September 2023

Submitted by igor.martinovic on 17, Jul 2023

The 3rd and the final Planning conference for DPPI FLEX 2023 was completed. Over 50 participants from all member states continued working on the Exercise Instructions and the actual design of the exercise. We had the chance to review the current state of the nominated teams from the member states and the capacities that they will bring in Brcko during 23-27 October. During the 2nd day of the conference the capacities of the member states for triggering the UCPM upon a request from assistance sent from Bosnia and Herzegovina were tested through a carefully design TTX. Now as the planning process is slowly closing we are starting with the implementation phase of the exercise arranging all the necessary logistics behind the arrival of the international teams. DPPI FLEX 2023 will be a simulation exercise focusing on testing the regional response to a flood scenario happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The objective is to improve host nation support procedures and test specific response capabilities like drones, camp management and logistics.