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EFDRR Roadmap action-oriented dialogue, Understanding and communicating existing and future risks: Ensuring evidence-based communication, 23-24 February 2023 – Bucharest

Submitted by igor.martinovic on 12, Jan 2023

The conference in Bucharest was the 1st event in DPPI SEE training program for 2023. Hosted by the Department for Emergency Situations of Republic of Romania, the event focused on the importance of risk information as foundation for effective disaster risk reduction. Trusted, accurate and widely used risk information saves lives, particularly when it reaches ‘the last mile’ and is put into practice to protect vulnerable communities, goods and systems. It is crucial that risk information is understandable and accessible to anyone who would use it, and addresses the systemic, cascading, and compounding, nature of risk – so that it may build societal resilience. Total number of 17 participants were supported by DPPI SEE and took active participation in both the technical session and the high level round table on the 24th February. The conference was also used for many bilateral meeting pushing forward the agenda for disaster risk reduction in Europe.