This week under the framework of IPA DRAM workshop on one of the program results was organized in Rome. The Electronic Regional Risk Atlas was presented during the workshop enabling the participants to test its capabilities through series of practical exercises. Despite IPA DRAM beneficiary countries, who are in the same time DPPI SEE member states, participants from Bulgaria and Romania also followed the workshop and contributed to its final outcome. There is an ongoing consultation process towards continuation of this particular activity under DPPI SEE when IPA DRAM ends in November 2019. As a tool the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas creates opportunities for enhanced regional cooperation in several areas like risk assessment and risk mapping, development of risk scenarios with trans boundary effects and by connection to existing historical global data sets it gives us overview of past events. Back to back to the ERRA workshop the Steering committee of IPA DRAM had its session where overview of overall program was given and future activities presented.



05.06.2019 to 06.06.2019

DPPI SEE Head of Secretariat participated at the 2nd Leadership Meeting of the Southeastern European National Red Cross Red Crescent Societies that was held in Sofia during 04-05.06.2019. 

The Leadership Meeting promotes cooperation between Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies in the region of Southeastern Europe, and in particular strives to enhance the quality and effectiveness of coordinated disaster and crisis preparedness and response. During the meeting the concept Neighbors Help First was discussed with specific actions that will be taken in the next period. DPPI SEE Head of Secretariat used the opportunity to present the Initiative its structure, activities and future plans. Possibilities for future cooperation between Neighbors Help First network and DPPI SEE were discussed as well.




Envisaged with the DPPI SEE Annual Work Plan for 2019, Project Development Working Group had its first meeting on the 27.05 in Zagreb, Croatia. The meeting was used to  identify the scope of the working group and decide upon the working methodology that will be used. 17 participants in total from all DPPI SEE member states contributed to the meeting sending clear message that project development is something that can bring closer the member states and enhance working relations. By having both EU and non EU member states within DPPI SEE, the working group is excellent tool to be utilized for mutual cooperation, shearing best practices in project development and growing together as a region. 

DPPI SEE Secretariat will serve as a contact point for the working group and will facilitate further discussion among the member states on the topic.



This week DPPI SEE Head of Secretariat is joining over 3500 delegates from 150 countries at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva, Switzerland.
The aim of the meeting is to assess the progress on Sendai Framework implementation. During the meeting the Global Assessment Report for 2019 was launched describing the state of risk across the globe highlighting what's new, spotting emerging trends, reveling disturbing patterns, examining behavior and presenting progress in reducing risks. All DPPI SEE member states are participating at the 
event showing their grate commitment to the cause.

15.05.2019 to 16.05.2019
Last week representatives from DPPI SEE member states had the opportunity to participate at the Seminar on the application of the SEVESO III Directive for underground storage of natural gas in Sibiu, Romania. The event organized by the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and under the auspices of their Presidency with the Council of the European Union. Topics on underground storage and distribution of natural gas, production and storage of biogas and LNG-bunkering, storage and distribution were covered. At the second day of the seminar the participants visited ROMGAZ Information and documentation center in Medias and observed practical implementation of SEVESO III. 
16.04.2019 to 17.04.2019
General Directorate for Civil Emergencies of Republic of Albania in its role of DPPI SEE Chair in Office for 2019, hosted the 38th DPPI SEE Regional meeting in Tirana.
During the meeting DPPI SEE member states had the opportunity to discuss the financial affairs of the Initiative and review the implementation of the Annual Work Plan for 2019.
The conclusions from the meeting referred to the process of drafting the long term development plan for the Initiative; strengthening the planning process behind the training program; activating the project development working group and exploring the possibilities for continuation of IPA DRAM project results. DPPI SEE partners were also present in Tirana providing valuable updates related with disaster risk management activities on global, regional and local level. UNICEF Regional Office in Geneva and World...
15.04.2019 to 17.04.2019

The Seminar was Serbian contribution to the Disaster Management Training Programme for 2019 within the activities of Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative for South Eastern Europe (DPPI SEE) and was organized by the Sector for Emergency Management of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia.

The overall aim of the Seminar was to exchange experiences and lessons learned between DPPI SEE participating states on the emergency evacuation plans and roles and readiness of firefighters and first responders in case of emergencies. Discussions covered topics on adequate response, planning, preparation and coordination on emergency evacuation based on case studies and real time operations. 

Target audience included civil protection/emergency management experts from all DPPI SEE member states and the host responsible for planning procedures, coordination and first response in case of emergency evacuation.


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DPPI SEE and IPA DRAM partner countries came to Ljubljana this week to discuss the possibility for sustainability of results upon the end of IPA DRAM in November 2019. IPA DRAM has identified five main areas in which the programme results can be sustained and at the same time contribute to the strengthening of DPPI SEE. Those five areas are:

  1. Hosting and maintenance of a regional Electronic Risk Atlas
  2. Updating and upgrading the South Eastern Europe Knowledge Management System (SEEKMS)
  3. Hosting and maintenance of regional DesInventar/Sendai for collection of disaster loss data and Sendai reporting;
  4. Facilitation of hazard-specific regional working groups established by IPA DRAM on seismic risks, floods and wild fires;
  5. Building on IPA DRAM successful capacity building methods (exchange of experts, cross-border learing and support) and the support of a regional pool of experts.


05.03.2019 to 06.03.2019

During 05-06.03.2019 DPPI SEE Secretariat hosted the first event from the annual Disaster Management Training Program in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together with UNISDR Europe office, training workshop has been conducted on Sendai Framework Monitoring process. Total number of 17 participants from all DPPI SEE member states had the opportunity to learn about the recent developments related with Sendai Framework Monitoring process, to exchange on their national experiences and to practice some of the online training tools available for Sendai Framework Monitoring. Detailed report on the workshop together with all the presentations from the training workshop will be uploaded on our web page in the following days. DPPI SEE Secretariat express its gratitude to the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sector for rescue and protection for their support in organizing this event. 

06.11.2018 to 07.11.2018
The 37th DPPI SEE Regional meeting held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (06-07.11.2018) was used to review the operational and financial status of the Initiatives and to decide about the future activities. Under the Chairmanship of Turkey, DPPI SEE member states had the possibility to discuss the Annual Work Plan for 2019 and the content of the Disaster Management Training Program for 2019. During the Advisory Board session DPPI SEE member states had the opportunity to hear the representatives of UNISDR, UNDP, UNOCHA, UNICEF, World Bank, WHO, OSCE, IFRC and to exchange with them on the possibility for creating synergies. Ongoing regional projects were also presented by project team leaders of IPA DRAM, DARENet, World Vision and OSCE focusing on the legacy of their particular projects.
Total number of 40 participants were present during the 37th DPPI SEE Regional Meeting in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the closing ceremony the Chairmanship with the Initiative for 2019 was handed over from Turkey to Albania.
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