16.04.2019 to 17.04.2019
General Directorate for Civil Emergencies of Republic of Albania in its role of DPPI SEE Chair in Office for 2019, hosted the 38th DPPI SEE Regional meeting in Tirana.
During the meeting DPPI SEE member states had the opportunity to discuss the financial affairs of the Initiative and review the implementation of the Annual Work Plan for 2019.
The conclusions from the meeting referred to the process of drafting the long term development plan for the Initiative; strengthening the planning process behind the training program; activating the project development working group and exploring the possibilities for continuation of IPA DRAM project results. DPPI SEE partners were also present in Tirana providing valuable updates related with disaster risk management activities on global, regional and local level. UNICEF Regional Office in Geneva and World Metrological Organization gave the global overview, while RACVIAC and NALAS the regional one in the areas where they see possibilities for synergies with DPPI SEE. Others like JICA, PPI, World Vision and UN Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNICEF/UNDP) presented updates on different projects involving the local communities like. The presence of NATO Center of excellence for crisis management and disaster response was used to learn more about their activities and the methodologies used for monitoring and evaluation of their training program. At the 38th DPPI SEE Regional meeting, member states have agreed to initiate two years Train of Trainers program on SPHERE in 2020/2021 training cycle.