Monday, 19. May 2014


The event representing Macedonian contribution to the DPPI SEE DMTP for the year 2104 was hosted and organized by the Protection and Rescue Directorate of Macedonia with support from the Operation Florian, UK. The planning process of the event itself took around 2 months and included not only all the fire chiefs in Macedonia but also all the relevant organizations responsible for road traffic safety. The Challenge itself is part of a wider national campaign that promotes road traffic safety elements and accordingly supports the UN decade for traffic safety. Representatives of 5 DPPI SEE member states (Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey) took part in the Observers Programme of the challenge.

Theaim of the Extrication Challenge was to bring together teams of rescue personnel who are committed to not only displaying their ability but also to expanding their practical skills by learning from and teaching others involved in the same field (detailed information on the challenge can be found in the (“National Road Traffic Collision Extrication Challenge - OVERVIEW”).