Wednesday, 12. October 2016 to Sunday, 16. October 2016

This training was hosted by the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (ACPDR) within the DPPI SEE Disaster Management Training Programme 2016, and was co-organised/managed by the Slovenian Canine Associations (SCA) and the Association of Rescue Dog Handlers of Slovenia (ARDHS). The training is certified by the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia.

The target audience were dog handlers with rescue dogs, who are assigned to units for the search of missing and tapped persons, or who, after such training, will qualify for such units in the future, as well as representatives of civil protection and other organisations associated with search and rescue. Prior knowledge was not required.

  • Training objectives, among others, included:  
  • Understanding the basics of socialisation, education and training of rescue dogs.
  • Understanding the stages of education of rescue dogs.
  • Understanding the types and procedures of searching injured persons trapped under rubble.
  • To understand the method and procedures of searching missing persons on terrain.
  • To understand the basics of first aid and first veterinary aid.
  • To understand communication methods.
  • To understand international guidance, their application and to understand the work procedures in missions.

The training was attended by fifteen (15) participants from eight (8) DPPI SEE member countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.