Monday, 10. April 2017 to Saturday, 15. April 2017

Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (ACPDR) has organized and hosted the first training of rescuers on swift water within the DPPI SEE Joint Emergency Response Units in case of floods (JERU) project. The training was the first one conducted within the DPPI SEE JERU project, with another three SWIFT practical trainings yet to be organized in Croatia and Slovenia.

JERU SWIFT water rescue practical training took place from 10 to 15 of April 2017 in Slovenia (Solkan, Nova Gorica) and had a focus on rescuing from swift waters by using boats, swimming rescue techniques, reach and throw operational techniques and contact rescue operations.
Operational objectives of the training were:
  1. To prepare team members of national units for flood response operations in the South East Europe region;
  2. To establish effective regional cooperation and coordination of the preparedness activities in the region of South Eastern Europe in case of major floods;
  3. To enhance the participants’ knowledge about international disaster response operations;
  4. To increase the participants’ capability knowledge of water rescue techniques and tactics and tactical problem solving;
  5. To increase knowledge of water rescue techniques, tactics, tools and equipment and boat rescue techniques;
  6. To build a network among the participants by sharing the experience, existing know-how and team building.

The training was attended by 28 participants, representatives of JERU national teams from Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The JERU project aims to develop operational capabilities in case of floods in the region of SEE. The overall goal of the project is to establish, equip and train the Emergency Response Units in the DPPI SEE member countries. The project initial design has been remodeled to match the other similar interventions in the region implemented under European Commission Instrument for Pre-Accession assistance - IPA in order to avoid potential duplications and ensure necessary synergies. The project envisages organization of four (4) Swift Water Rescue trainings and one final Field Exercise.