Monday, 5. September 2016 to Saturday, 10. September 2016
The training was hosted by the Macedonian Protection and Rescue Directorate within the DPPI SEE DMTP 2016 and co-organised/ managed by the Macedonian Scout Federation. 
Specific objective of the event was to connect civil protection administrations and civil society organizations while demonstrating ways to build mutual understanding, support and cooperation in the area of search and rescue operations in the nature. Through a set of interactive workshops participants had an opportunity to learn and further develop various survival techniques and to participate in a simulated crisis situation in the nature.
Targeted audience were representatives of the civil sector/ scout organizations and the SEE national disaster management authorities/ Red Cross/ Mountain rescue services respectively. 
Eighteen (18) participants from nine (9) countries (Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria Albania, Montenegro and Turkey) participated in the training.