Tuesday, 30. June 2020

This week under the framework of our annual training program we have initiated the SPHERE online training. Something that was originally planed as 5 day training course will now be completely online  and stretched in the next 4 weeks. The aim of the training is to spread the message on SPHERE humanitarian charter and minimum standards across the region and work on creation of a pool regional trainers. Total number of 22 participants representing civil protection authorities but also Red Cross are braking the ice in this new way of doing business.

The week one workshop objectives were:

Learn some SPHERE basics, including its history, structure, philosophy, and reasons for its existence. Discover why humanitarian standards exist.
Find information in the SPHERE Handbook.Define Quality, Accountability, and Inclusion in the context of humanitarian response.
Get used to various interactive learning technologies, including Zoom and Miro. Start to get to know each other as a group. Establish a collaboration tool (MS Teams) to continue discussions
between workshops. 

The overriding objective was to prepare ourselves for the deeper content-based learning that's coming next.