Thursday, 13. December 2012 to Friday, 14. December 2012

This training was Republic of Turkey’s contribution to the Disaster Management Training Programme for 2012 within the scope of DPPI SEE DMTP Annual Work Plan and was hosted by Prime Ministry, Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD).


The literal meaning of “psycho-social" is the dynamic relationship of psychological and social impacts which continuously interact with each other. On the other hand, this term can be defined as a body of multi-disciplinary services provided at every phase of the disaster cycle and entailing disaster psycho-social support; the prevention of any likely post-disaster psychological disharmony/disorder; restoring and the rehabilitation of relationships both at the family and community levels; ensuring that those affected recognize their capacities and are strengthened in the normalizing process; the increase of communal coping/relief/recovery skills in the probable future disasters and emergencies; and the provision of support to relief workers.