Friday, 14. June 2019

This week under the framework of IPA DRAM workshop on one of the program results was organized in Rome. The Electronic Regional Risk Atlas was presented during the workshop enabling the participants to test its capabilities through series of practical exercises. Despite IPA DRAM beneficiary countries, who are in the same time DPPI SEE member states, participants from Bulgaria and Romania also followed the workshop and contributed to its final outcome. There is an ongoing consultation process towards continuation of this particular activity under DPPI SEE when IPA DRAM ends in November 2019. As a tool the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas creates opportunities for enhanced regional cooperation in several areas like risk assessment and risk mapping, development of risk scenarios with trans boundary effects and by connection to existing historical global data sets it gives us overview of past events. Back to back to the ERRA workshop the Steering committee of IPA DRAM had its session where overview of overall program was given and future activities presented.