Wednesday, 19. March 2014 to Friday, 21. March 2014

Regional Conference on Urban Security - Adriatic City Security – SIGG 2014 took place in the Le Meridien Lav Hotel in Split, Croatia, from 19 to 21 March 2014. The conference was organized by Security (Zaštita) Magazine (Tectus Ltd. Company) and the Croatian Network of Urban Security Stakeholders (CNUSS) under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Split in cooperation with the Croatian Security Association, National Protection and Rescue Directorate (DUZS) and Association of Cities.
The main objective of the conference was to provide an international perspective to the security topics in order to bring together European security experts to share their expertise and findings with the cities of the region. The Conference was intended for mayors, deputy mayors, cities' safety and security managers, local authorities and government, county managers, deputy county managers, county safety and security managers, directors and management of all businesses that take part in the national security structure, directors and representatives of companies for physical and technical protection, presidents and members of the Council for Prevention and all security managers and experts.

Expert topics of the sixth annual SIGG conference were crime prevention, civil and crisis city management, new technologies in city security implementation, European experiences and environment protection as a part of city security.
The conference provided also a unique opportunity to government officials and experts from relevant ministries and departments (Civil Protection, Ministry of Interior) to share knowledge, exchange experience and discuss good practices in risk reduction, with a focus on urban security.
Moreover, organised within the DPPI SEE Disaster Management Training Programme for 2014, enhancing the dialogue, communication and networking between the government officials and experts, the Conference contributed to better regional cooperation on issues related to urban security.