Tuesday, 12. April 2016 to Thursday, 14. April 2016

The seminar was hosted by the Sector for Emergency Management of the Serbian Ministry of Interior within the DPPI SEE Disaster Management Training Programme for the year 2016. 

The seminar aimed to bring together civil protection professionals responsible for development of national risk assessment in their respective country and professionals involved in risk assessment at the local level. It provided an opportunity for exchange of experiences with/ among the DPPI SEE member countries on adoption of their national risk assessments and the methodology for risk assessment development, as well as for discussion on similarities and differences in legal obligations and responsibilities related to the risk assessment development. At the same time, one of the objectives was to trigger exchanges of professional views and opinions regarding the risks identified at the national level.

Thirty-three (33) persons attended the seminar, including eleven (11) participants - representatives of the DPPI SEE member countries (Albania, BiH, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia) and guest speakers from Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), Serbian Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, National Water Management Directorate, Public Water Management Company “Serbia Waters”, Republic Geodetic Authority, Petroleum Industry of Serbia „NIS“.

The seminar was organized in a plenary session with twenty-minute presentations delivered by all the participating countries and guest speakers.