Wednesday, 12. March 2014 to Thursday, 13. March 2014

The idea behind the workshop which represents the Macedonian contribution to the DPPI SEE Disaster Management Programme for the year 2014 was to get together experienced first responders and policy developers from the region in order to brain storm ideas about the most optimal model for disaster information management system. The workshop was hosted by the Protection and Rescue Directorate of the Republic of Macedonia. 

The workshop itself had two goals:

1) National - further development of the various national information systems of the DPPI SEE member states. Each participating state was given an opportunity to voice their demand for improvement of the existing national information system based on their experiences.

2) Regional - in support of the idea behind the creation of the DPPI SEE: “Strengthening and enhancing bilateral and multilateral cooperation, facilitating exchange of information in the field of disaster preparedness and prevention at all levels among competent national disaster management authorities.”

Experienced professionals with specific knowledge of disaster management and representatives of private sector engaged in disaster management related businesses gave presentations and lectures on the workshop topics. For details regarding the design, programme, lectures and participants at the workshop please refer to the Report on the event.