Monday, 30. May 2011 to Tuesday, 31. May 2011

The seminar programme was hosted and organized by the Republic of Turkey Prime Minister's Office Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency as a Turkish contribution to the DPPI SEE Disaster Management Training Programme 2011.

Seminar Objectives

At the seminar the participants gained theoretical knowledge such as creating financial sources inventory, specifying the deficiencies, ensuring the applicability of plans with trainings and practices, identifying resources that would be useful to return to normal daily lives and finding and allocating extra financial resources in case of a need.

Target Audience

The seminar was intended for experts and professionals in administration and financing from DPPI SEE countries (1-2 per country).


The seminar was implemented as a combined structure of theoretical lectures and supervised by the academic community and experts of the issue. Content of the seminar programme was prepared by the experts in Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.