Saturday, 2. April 2011 to Thursday, 7. April 2011

Training Objectives  
The course intended to provide practical and theoretical training in  Disaster risk reduction. It was designed and run by group of experts  from DPPI states and international partner organizations, such as the  International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).   
Aim of the course  
The aim of the course was to support the development of disaster risk  reduction capacity at all levels within the South East European region  governments and organizations in order to improve their ability to  better understand and manage the variety of disasters the region faces  today. All participants of the course received a training certificate. Based on  their facilitation skills, some participants from the course were  selected to participate in a Training-of-Trainers in 2011 in Croatia to  become the main resources for DRR training in the region. In addition,  they were included in a pool of DRR expert database to be developed by  UNISDR for DPPI SEE.  
 Target Audience  
The candidates had to fulfill the following criteria: - Work in an organization engaged in the area of Disaster Risk Reduction - Minimum of 3 years experience in topics related to natural disasters - Fluency in English