23.03.2022 to 24.03.2022

The 43.DPPI SEE Regional meeting took place on 23-24 March in Zagreb, Croatia. It was a hybrid event with 5 delegations being physically present in Zagreb and 5 delegations following the meeting online. The meeting was hosted by the Civil Protection Directorate of Republic of Croatia in their capacity of Chair in Office with DPPI SEE for 2022. Main focus of the 43.DPPI SEE Regional meeting was the elections of the staff in DPPI SEE Secretariat, Host Country Agreement updates, Annual Working Plan review with finalization of the Disaster Management Training Program for 2022 and shearing updates on ongoing project activities like Risk Inform Index, MCR 2030, Disaster Recovery Capacity Assessment and the Analysis of the usage of drones in civil protection operations. During the second day of the meeting a mini Advisory Board session was held where representatives of DG ECHO, UNDRR, UNDP, RCC and WeRobotics had the chance to share updates.

One of the main conclusions from the 43.DPPI SEE Regional meeting is the support given to Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina in their applications to become the next UCPM participating states.

09.12.2021 to 10.12.2021

Under the chairmanship of DG Fire Safety and Civil Protection of Republic of Bulgaria the 42nd DPPI SEE Regional meeting has been completed this week. During the first day of the meeting the achievements in 2021 were presented in accordance to DPPI SEE Strategic Development Plan 2021-2025. Although a challenging year due to COVID-19, DPPI SEE succeed to the set objectives focusing on trainings, analytical work and project management. Main achievements in that context are the Cave Rescue Training in Slovenia, the first simulation exercise conducted with support of the Global Logistics Cluster – LOGEX 2021, the translation of the UNDRR Hazard Classification Technical Report and the Risk INFORM Index for 3 pilot DPPI SEE countries. During the Advisory Board session with our partners from NATO CoE in Sofia and SEEHN we have introduced the idea of having a Joint Calendar of Events in 2022 to promote all the trainings and learning opportunities happening in our geographical context. The Advisory Board session also included a panel discussion on the importance of the risk insurance with participation of EuropRe, TARSIM Turkey and PAID Romania. Looking forward to 2022, under the chairmanship of Civil Protection Directorate of Republic of Croatia we will cover the topic of DRR Financing!...


All major emergencies that happened in the context of South Eastern Europe in the last 10 years (Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina Floods, Refugee and Migrant Crisis, Earthquakes in Albania, Croatia and Turkey, COVID-19) have showed the importance of the logistics aspects in response operations. In 2021 DPPI SEE, the Global Logistics Cluster and the IFRC initiated discussions on the modalities how to better identify needs and gaps in knowledge in the member states on the topic of logistic preparedness. The result of that consultation process was designing LOGEX 2021 as a discussion based simulation exercise on the topic of logistics in emergencies. During the exercise the participating states will have the opportunity to work on a fictitious scenario happening in a fictitious country affected by a massive earthquake. Their focus will be only logistics aspects of the response like preparing the response plan, transportation and warehousing aspects. The assumption is that by doings we will identify lessons which will be the basis for identification and design of a comprehensive training program to be implemented by DPPI SEE in the years to follow. LOGEX 2021 starts on 22.11 simultaneously in all 10 DPPI SEE member states in an online format. 


Keeping up-to-date with online training techniques is essential in Covid times for DPII SEE. This is why together with Sphere we started the training in online facilitation techniques . At the end of Day one on 15.11 the 19 participants from Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina were unanimous - they loved the virtual whiteboard! Looks like JamBoard will be getting some use in future Sphere facilitations in South Eastern Europe!


This weekend we started with the Cave Rescue Training in Sezana, Slovenia. Total number of 17 participants representing 8 DPPI SEE member states are attending the training. The Cave Rescue Training is one of the traditional trainings that are running in our program in the last 10 years and is the first one this year that is organized with physical presence. Many thanks to the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of Republic of Slovenia and their Cave Rescue Team for organizing the training.

14.04.2021 to 15.04.2021

For the second time in a row DPPI SEE had its regional meeting online due to COVID-19. The online environment enabled record number of participation during the meeting with over 60 attendants representing national governments, international organizations, research foundations, team leaders of relevant regional projects and universities. Under the chairmanship of Ministry of Interior of Republic of Bulgaria – DG Fire Safety and Civil Protection, the meeting was used to review the Annual Work Plan for 2021, the activities envisaged with our training program and the ongoing project that we are implementing together with UNDRR on developing sub regional Risk INFORM index in four pilot states (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro). During the second day of the meeting together with the international partners we shared the main conclusions from the 1st Croatian Conference on Earthquake Engineering held in March 2021, updates on the WMO project on SEE-Multi Hazard Early Warning System were given, presentation on used of drones in humanitarian operations was given, two regional reports analyzing preparedness and response capacities and actions were presented together with the results from the DRIVER+ project and the novelties from the LINKS project in...


This week under the framework of our annual training program we have initiated the SPHERE online training. Something that was originally planed as 5 day training course will now be completely online  and stretched in the next 4 weeks. The aim of the training is to spread the message on SPHERE humanitarian charter and minimum standards across the region and work on creation of a pool regional trainers. Total number of 22 participants representing civil protection authorities but also Red Cross are braking the ice in this new way of doing business.

The week one workshop objectives were:...

10.03.2020 to 12.03.2020

Due to the current situation with COVID 19 the training has been postponed.

03.02.2020 to 07.02.2020

In cooperation with the World Bank, EU and UNDP, DPPI SEE hosted the regional training workshop on Post Disaster Needs Assessment in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) is a methodology designed to assist the affected communities in their recovery process. The idea behind the training was to familiarize the participants with the concept and with that to contribute to the processes of pre disaster recovery planning. DPPI SEE member states have already experienced the process of PDNA with the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, floods in North Macedonia and the recent earthquake in Albania and the training was built around those experiences. The ultimate goal of the training was to expand the pool of regional experts in PDNA, invest in their skills in knowledge on long term basis and use them in real time situations. 


21.11.2019 to 22.11.2019

During 21-22.11.2019 DPPI SEE held its 39th Regional meeting. The aim of this meeting was to review the Annual Work Plan for 2019, reflect on the results achieved and prepare for 2020. During the meeting the first concept of the Strategic Development Plan of DPPI SEE 2020-2024 was presented. The plan itself will be designed to enable stronger collaboration among the member states on various topics and creating partnerships. It is expected that by the end of 2019 this plan will be endorsed by the member states. Related to the next cycle of DPPI SEE Disaster Management Training Program, the Regional meeting has accepted two broad topics: Sendai Framework of Action - Target E and Earthquakes. All event organized within the annual training program will be related to these topics.



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