Welcome to the first issue of the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network newsletter!
As one of the European Union’s recent flagship policies in civil protection and disaster management, the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network brings together practitioners, researchers, policy makers and experts who share their skills and expertise, collaborate and learn from each other to strengthen the Union’s overall ability to deal with disasters.
Communicating and sharing information are building blocks of our joint working and learning process. This newsletter aims to become an open, reliable and resourceful communication tool for key actors of the disaster prevention, preparedness and response community.
In this edition, you will find political updates such as an interview on the recently upgraded Union Civil Protection Mechanism legislation, information on developments in the learning sector such as the EU MODEX exercises or on the projects the European Commission supports in the field of civil protection, with focus on the prevention and preparedness projects. You will discover how the Knowledge Network links policies and operations with science. Last but not least, you will have an overview of upcoming events of interest to the community and new learning resources.
Friday, 25. June 2021