Introduction and Background

The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) 2015-2030 is the roadmap for how we make our communities safer and more resilient to disasters. In March 2018, the online Sendai Framework Monitoring (SFM) system was launched to monitor the progress of countries in the implementation of the Sendai Framework and UNDRR is mandated to support UN Member States in this endeavour. Since the SFM launch, two data sources have been triangulated to feed into the reporting process towards SDGs monitoring for the High-Level Political Forum in 2018, 2019 and 2020 and for the Global Assessment Report (GAR) for Disaster Risk Reduction in 2019. The first is the SFM data reported by Member States, and the second is the data compiled in a disaster loss accounting tool (DesInventar), which UNDRR and its UN partners have made available to Member States to establish their national disaster loss database (DLD) system. These are the pillars for data reporting for the loss-related global indicators of Target A to Target D of the Sendai Framework. In 2020, UNDRR has been incorporating new features on the SFM system based on the feedback received from Member States that will be available at the time of training.

In order to effectively support Member States and other relevant stakeholders to strengthen their monitoring and reporting capacity in a sustainable manner, UNDRR Bonn Office has made a global Training of Trainers (ToT) an annual activity since the launch of the SFM system in 2018. This year’s ToT will be the third in the series of such events, targeted towards organizational partners and selected experts engaged with UNDRR Regional Offices.

However, the 2020 ToT has been adapted to the current realities of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Hence whereas the earlier events were face to face trainings held in Bonn, this year’s event will be an online training course with participants joining from around the world through an online platform. This will help UNDRR ensure quality assurance in monitoring and reporting on the SFM and DLD systems through a dynamic interaction of trainers and trainees from the safety of their respective home locations.  

Expected Objective

To create a pool of experts on Sendai Framework monitoring and disaster loss accounting by training organizational partners and selected experts from different regions who in turn, could support the UNDRR Regional Offices in training of Member States and other related stakeholders on these areas of work. 

Expected outcome

Member States and other related stakeholders will have enhanced access to high quality technical assistance on Sendai Framework monitoring and disaster loss accounting from UNDRR Regional Offices through the latter’s association with the partners and experts trained in the ToT.

Target Participants

This training workshop is aimed at UN and other partner institutions and individual experts who can support UNDRR Regional Offices in providing technical assistance to Member States in Sendai Framework monitoring and disaster loss accounting. These would include UN partners that could be identified as requiring/interested in deeper dive in the topic in addition to active consultants and project staff. Representatives of governments and regional IGOs who can support in the training of multiple Member States would also be potential participants. Since this is a trainer of trainers, there will be an expectation from the prospective participants to have a basic knowledge of the SFM and DesInventar systems. Hence the trainees will also benefit from peer to peer learning and not only from the trainers.

Format and Duration

The format will be an online training held over weekly two-hour online sessions over 14 Oct to 19 Nov 2020. In order to enable participants from the Eastern and Western hemispheres to take part in this ToT, the same session will be repeated in the morning and afternoon of Central European Time.  Given the format and the optimal time that can be dedicated to each session, the training will be focused on key areas. This will be complemented by the e-learning course in SFM and other materials available on Disaster Loss Databases. The training portals of SFM and DesInventar will also provide foundational support to self-learning in the inter-sessional periods. Hence, the training should not be seen as a six-day event spread over six weeks but rather as a period of continued learning over this time.

Point of Contact

Please forward any questions you may have to (please include in the subject line 3rd Training of Trainers).


Register here: Please follow this link to register for the event

The deadline for the registration is ***Friday, 2 October 2020 23:59 hrs*** New York Time.

As the seats are limited, the participants shortlisted by the organizing committee will receive an invitation mail.

Wednesday, 14. October 2020 to Thursday, 19. November 2020