21.08.2022 to 26.08.2022

This event was a contribution of the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of Republic of Slovenia to our annual training program. Total number of 16 firefighters from 8 DPPI SEE member states had the opportunity to train various fire suppression techniques, to exchange and to learn from each other. The Training Center in Ig, Slovenia offered excellent working conditions to meet the learning objectives. This is one of our traditional trainings that we are having in our program and one of the most appreciated by the participants.

20.06.2022 to 22.06.2022

The training held in Belgrade was a continuation of the basic training on PDNA that was conducted in Sarajevo in February 2020. This time and thanks to the collaboration with the UNDP regional office in Istanbul, the training focused on building future trainers on PDNA in the region of SEE. A three-day training program included presentations as per the PDNA training modules, as well as interactive lectures, case studies, group exercises and practical analysis. The training informed designated civil protection representatives from the DPPI SEE member states about the advantages of applying standardized approach and methodology to conduct post disaster needs assessments and formulate recovery strategy. This year DPPI SEE and UNDP are collaborating on another activity as well and that is the preparation of the recovery capacity assessment for the DPPI member states, aiming to support disaster management and recovery planning process more effectively.

13.06.2022 to 17.06.2022

13.06.2022 to 17.06.2022

In 2020 Sphere Association and DPPI SEE initiated specific collaboration aimed at promoting the Sphere Handbook in the region of SEE by designing a suitable training program. After several basic courses on Sphere Handbook, delivered online due to COVID-19, finally we succeed to organize the first face to face Train of Trainers training in Tirana, Albania. By the end of the training 16 participants were produced as Sphere Handbook trainers. For the training we had balanced training audience with representatives from both the national civil protection authorities and the Red Cross societies, something that we are very proud for. At the end of the training each participant prepared a personal action plan describing actions that will follow and will be conducted by them promoting the Sphere Handbook as trainers. DPPI SEE will remain dedicated to their personal development growth in the future as well as building more trainers in the years to follow.

06.06.2022 to 07.06.2022

The 2nd event under the DPPI SEE annual training program for 2022 was dedicated to the topic of local disaster risk reduction plans/strategies and Make My City Resilient 2030. The event in Antalya was co-organized with AFAD and UNDRR office for Europe and Central Asia. During the event DPPI SEE member states had the opportunity to hear about the recent developments on the topic in Turkey and to present their own lessons from the process of designing local DRR strategies. During the second day we had the opportunity to learn more about MCR 2030 and hear real case studies from cities in the region who are already involved in the campaign. Under the Croatian chairmanship for 2022 with DPPI SEE, the topic of our annual training program is DRR. Our last event in the program for this year will happen in October in Dubrovnik, Croatia when we will discuss DRR financing.

18.05.2022 to 19.05.2022

The Risk Assessment Workshop that happen in Belgrade this week, was the first event for 2022 under the Disaster Management Training Program. It was a contribution of the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia – Sector for Emergency Management to the program itself with a goal to exchange updates and novelties on the topic. Despite the host country, disaster risk assessment experts from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey had the possibility to present key elements of their national risk assessments and future plans. At the workshop, we also had representatives from UNDRR who presented the results from the Risk INFORM Index for SEE and the Make My City Resilient 2030. At the end of the workshop, the experts agreed that a permanent working group within DPPI SEE should be established that will meet regularly and on annual basis to discuss and share information on disaster risk assessment processes and challenges.


All major emergencies that happened in the context of South Eastern Europe in the last 10 years (Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina Floods, Refugee and Migrant Crisis, Earthquakes in Albania, Croatia and Turkey, COVID-19) have showed the importance of the logistics aspects in response operations. In 2021 DPPI SEE, the Global Logistics Cluster and the IFRC initiated discussions on the modalities how to better identify needs and gaps in knowledge in the member states on the topic of logistic preparedness. The result of that consultation process was designing LOGEX 2021 as a discussion based simulation exercise on the topic of logistics in emergencies. During the exercise the participating states will have the opportunity to work on a fictitious scenario happening in a fictitious country affected by a massive earthquake. Their focus will be only logistics aspects of the response like preparing the response plan, transportation and warehousing aspects. The assumption is that by doings we will identify lessons which will be the basis for identification and design of a comprehensive training program to be implemented by DPPI SEE in the years to follow. LOGEX 2021 starts on 22.11 simultaneously in all 10 DPPI SEE member states in an online format. 


Keeping up-to-date with online training techniques is essential in Covid times for DPII SEE. This is why together with Sphere we started the training in online facilitation techniques . At the end of Day one on 15.11 the 19 participants from Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina were unanimous - they loved the virtual whiteboard! Looks like JamBoard will be getting some use in future Sphere facilitations in South Eastern Europe!


This weekend we started with the Cave Rescue Training in Sezana, Slovenia. Total number of 17 participants representing 8 DPPI SEE member states are attending the training. The Cave Rescue Training is one of the traditional trainings that are running in our program in the last 10 years and is the first one this year that is organized with physical presence. Many thanks to the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of Republic of Slovenia and their Cave Rescue Team for organizing the training.


This week under the framework of our annual training program we have initiated the SPHERE online training. Something that was originally planed as 5 day training course will now be completely online  and stretched in the next 4 weeks. The aim of the training is to spread the message on SPHERE humanitarian charter and minimum standards across the region and work on creation of a pool regional trainers. Total number of 22 participants representing civil protection authorities but also Red Cross are braking the ice in this new way of doing business.

The week one workshop objectives were:...