Sunday, 2. September 2012 to Friday, 7. September 2012

This training was hosted and organised by the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief and supported by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. The venue of the training was the Training Centre for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief in Ig near Ljubljana (Slovenia). The training represented Slovenian contribution to the DPPI SEE Disaster Management Programme 2012.

Training objectives
At the training the participants gained theoretical knowledge and basic practical skills in the field of fire extinguishing, known as hot fire/flashover training.The training therefore improved the participants’ knowledge of basic skills and techniques of fire-fighting and basic operational procedures for indoor fires. Generally the training also intends to raise awareness on procedures and practices of fire development and behaviour in different scenarios.
Target audience
The training was intended for professional operational fire-fighters and commanders from the DPPI SEE countries (1-2 per country).
The training was implemented as a combined structure of theoretical lectures and practical work given and supervised by the licensed teachers and instructors who were trained by the Swedish Rescue Services Agency. The training ‘’Hot Fire Training - module A’’ is proved and signed by the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia.