Early warning for wildland fires? There could be an app for that
Published: 23.04.2019

Infrared images from the weather satellite GOES show the Camp Fire spreading during the four hours after ignition on Nov. 8, 2018, during which time it burned through the town of Paradise. Such images, downloaded quickly, could be used to alert fire, police and residents of developing wildland fires. (Image courtesy of Jeff Chambers)
While state and federal officials are looking ahead and worrying about the coming fire season and how to more quickly get in front of fast-moving blazes, a University of California, Berkeley, professor argues that the tools for rapid detection...

International Disaster and Resilience Congress idrc 2019
Published: 28.03.2019

DPPI SEE Secretariat encourage you to explore the possibility to participate at the International Disaster Resilience Congress organized by Eskisehir Technical University in Eskisehir,Turkey. For any further information please contact the organizers directly. More details can be seen at 

World Bank Partners with Municipality of Bucharest to Support Economic and Urban Development and Reduce Seismic Risk
Published: 13.03.2019

BUCHAREST, March 4, 2019&nbsp;- The Municipality of Bucharest and the World Bank signed today a Reimbursable Service Agreement (RAS) – a form of technical assistance project - to support the municipality in prioritizing and implementing key local development interventions aimed at improving the quality of life for the city’s residents.<br />
Bucharest is a key engine of growth in Romania, situated in one of the most developed economic areas of the country. It also has the highest seismic risk among European capitals, however, and is one of the 10 most vulnerable cities in...

Balkans and Risk: The State of Open Data for DRM
Published: 12.03.2019

Despite the volume of climate and disaster risk data available for the Balkan countries, critical gaps remain. To improve understanding of natural hazard risk in the Balkans, efforts are being made at both local and global levels to track the state of open disaster risk management (DRM) data in the region and identify critical datasets.

More action needed to protect Europe’s most vulnerable citizens from air pollution, noise and extreme temperatures
Published: 12.02.2019

Targeted action is needed to better protect the poor, the elderly and children from environmental hazards like air and noise pollution and extreme temperatures, especially in Europe’s eastern and southern regions. A European Environment Agency (EEA) report published today warns that the health of Europe’s most vulnerable citizens remains disproportionately affected by these hazards, despite overall improvements in Europe’s environmental quality.

Majlinda Bregu takes office as the Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council
Published: 09.01.2019

Sarajevo – Mrs. Majlinda Bregu assumed her duties of the new Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) today, following the appointment by the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) Foreign Ministers in Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia on 23 April 2018.

Bregu is an experienced Albanian politician and a strong believer in the European Union project.